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  • Accepting New Clients from NB,NL,ON and BC

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    Therapy with a master student at a reduced rate or free* (please discuss with therapist if you meet the criteria for our Inclusive Community Counselling Initiative)

    Starting October 11th, November 9th

    Starting October 11th, November 9th

    Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation

    Beyond ADHD can diagnose you

    Specific concerns

    Trauma, ADHD, grief, relationship issues, health anxiety, LGBTQ+, postpartum, BPD diagnosis and DBT, immigrant experiences, racial trauma

    Asian Families and Heritage

    Trauma-informed counselling for newcomers, international students, first and second generation immigrants.

    Trauma and racial informed therapy

    A note from Su (Owner)

    I work from a trauma informed and racially informed perspective. What does that mean? It means we explore issues based on your understanding of what went on, not what is/was culturally appropriate. At the same time, I am cognizant of the trauma that occurs to people from all wakes of life- divorce, illness, intimate partner violence, attachment issues, abuse, neglect, enmeshment, complex PTSD, household dysfunction etc.

    Picture : A metaphorical nest to hold you in safety and warmth

    Counselling/Psychotherapy Services

    At The Therapy Nest, we want to provide you with a counselling service that is beyond what is normally offered. This means we take extra time to time to learn about what you need, how we can help you tailor an exclusive treatment plan to meet your goals and expectations, support you in between sessions*,  offer psychoeducation, give out important resources and have flexibility when it comes to appointment times.

    *we are not an emergency service so please seek help from the nearest emergency personnel or service provider if you are in danger

    About Our Team

    Please check out our team page to learn more.

    What does it mean to be trauma-informed?

    Since the occurrence of the pandemic, we have all been exposed to a collective trauma. This means now, more than ever, trauma informed practices and approaches should be implemented to make sure that clients and patients are being treated in the most ethical and gentle manner.

    At The Therapy Nest, we are all trauma-informed counsellors which means we are equipped to deal with clients from all walks of life (depression, anxiety, ADHD, addictions, phobias etc.) . This is because trauma-informed practices focus on keeping you safe and help you learn to regulate your emotions- something that everyone can benefit from.


    We offer telephone, face-to-face (using Jane), and email therapy. Texting is also available.

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